DinghyRamp™ HD+ Roll-On Boat Lift

Item #  HDR400 / HDR401 / HDR402

Are you tired of having to remove your motor before loading your tender? Do unsightly bars and winches detract from the beauty of your yacht? Nautley has the solution with the DinghyRamp™ HD+ Roll-On Boat Lift. Heavy Duty roller arms with stainless steel hardware allow you to simply pull for retrieval and push for launching.

DinghyRamp™ HD+ Design:

  • Tender with motor is rolled sideways onto tilting arms
    No interference from docks or neighboring boats
  • Suited for tenders up to 11 feet in length
    Load capacity up to 400 pounds (200 lbs. per arm)
  • Universal Hull Design
    Accommodates soft bottom and rigid inflatables
  • Recommended for inflatable keel bottoms and moderate V RIBs
    (RIBs such as: AB, Avon Lite, Zodiac)
  • Swim Platform Requirements:

    Standard HD+: Platform depth: 32 inches and larger

    Or half your tender’s width*
    Available with or without Quick Kit Mounting Shoes

    Extended HD+: Platform depth: 28 inches and larger

    Or half your tender’s width minus 4 inches*
    Includes: Quick Kit

DinghyRamp™ HD+ Advantages:

  • Poly vinyl rollers for quicker loading with less effort
    Features stainless steel roller shafts and cap nuts
  • Fixed ramp angle
    Proper angle for easy loading and launching Will not flip under the platform like other systems
  • Shock-absorbing lifting arms
    Arms dampen shock to prevent fiberglass stress cracks
  • Compact and easy to stow
  • Individual lifting arms at only 11 pounds each
    No crossmembers required
  • Will not interfere with your swim ladder
  • Utilizes popular stainless mounting shoes (#QUICKKIT)
    Quickly removes with two push pins No protruding parts when arms removed
  • Mirror polished 316 stainless steel
  • No dissimilar metals, to cause galvanic corrosion
  • No paint to scratch
  • Shipped fully assembled
    No miscellaneous bolt together parts
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • Made in U.S.A.

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Yacht’s transom configuration and tender’s hull design will affect the required platform size. The DinghyRamp will raise the keel of the tender four to six inches above the platform surface. Nautley offers longer lifting arms for platform heights over 19 inches. Contact Nautley for analysis.




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